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Cascading faucets – a new word in plumbing

by alanews

You liked to watch waterfalls, and I wanted to plunge into the rainbow jets of water – today there is such an opportunity. The most plausible imitation of the falling flow of water is obtained by cascading mixers, which can be installed in the bathroom, in the washbasin, in the kitchen sink, in the shower.  The main feature of the external attractiveness of cascading mixers is the ability to miss very large volumes of water, unlike ordinary mixers of the usual sample. The throughput of a stunt mixer can be any – as big as you want.

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What is the essence of comfort, for example, in the speed of filling the bath. An ordinary mixer fills the bath in about 20 minutes, and the cascade for the same operation will take only 3-4 minutes. However, such throughput is not at all required and the buyer can choose a cascade mixer with ordinary throughput, which will pour water at the same speed as any other, but at the same time form a wide stream of beautiful shape. The additional capabilities of cascading mixers are backlight and heating. The cost of cascading mixers today is that they can confidently be classified as a luxury.

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