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Ceramic stones in construction

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Along with the usual brick (both ceramic and silicate), ceramic stones are widespread in the construction of private houses. Their use is advisable when it is necessary to save building material or reduce the weight of the structure. The strength characteristics of the ceramic stone are in no way inferior to the hollow brick. In this case, it is allowed to use single -row masonry from ceramic stones, if you choose large samples.

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Then the wall thickness will be equal to the length of the stone (for example, if you choose stones of size 510 mm260 mm219 mm). With this approach, not only the savings of the material are achieved, but the weight of the structure is also reduced and, as a result, the load on the foundation decreases. To finish the outside of such a masonry, you can offer either decorative plaster or brick cladding. As already noted, for construction you can choose large stones that can save on the masonry. However, they have another advantage – large stones have grooves through which the stones are connected to each other, and this is not only an increase in tightness due to the reduction of the number of seams, but also a significant savings of the solution.

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