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The glue wallpaper should start with the window. First, the glue is applied to the wall with a roller, and then the wallpaper is smeared. Well, you need to miss the joints. The canvas for the upper end is taken by two fingers and pressed to the line of the wall and ceiling. You need to level the window. Then the wallpaper strip is pressed with a soft rag and leveled from the top to the bottom. If a bubble appears, then it needs to be squeezed out with a rag or, having peel off the sheet, start over again. The joints of the wallpaper should be smeared again with glue. The same procedure is carried out with a second sheet, but here the alignment goes in the first lane at the joint. The joints are pre -coated with glue and are tightly attracted to each other. Also, it will not be superfluous to find out more about underground tanks on the Internet. 

If the adhesive is carried out in the overlap, then you need to do it towards the windows. Three centimeters must be left in the corners so that the wallpaper does not wrinkle. These corners will go to another wall, from where you need to glue the next sheet. With even walls, this should not happen, and you can glue the joint in the joint. A large layer of glue needs to lubricate the corners. In the places of the presence of sockets, you must first turn off the electricity, and then glue the wallpaper in the place of the future hole. Then gently cut out around the perimeter of the edge and leveled. A plastic spatula must be followed along the joints and wallpaper to eliminate the remaining bubbles, and the outdoor glue is removed. If the bubbles are noticeable again, then in a couple of days everything should dry and level.

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