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Do -it -yourself cosmetic renovation

by alanews

Where to start the cosmetic repair of the apartment if you plan to make it yourself? First of all, his task is to put her in order, to transform it, most likely – to give a new look. It is more economical than major repairs, especially if it is carried out on time. In the last century, cosmetic repairs were meant only to glue wallpaper, whitewashing and painting the floor. This is currently already a wider front of work. Simply put, visually update the room in a better type. That is, all of the above, without replacing floors, doors, window frames and the like.

The first thing to do is to think about where, in which rooms, that you will change. For example, paint from doors, floor and frames of windows last longer than wallpaper and ceiling whitewashing or coloring. Kitchen and bathroom, due to the temperature difference, more than others need to update the interior.

Usually start with non -residential premises, but there is also a way when they make repairs right away in the entire apartment. In this case, it is necessary that the residents have to go somewhere for a while. The general cycle of work in both methods is the same. And so we start with harvesting furniture and things. Then you need to scrape the old whitewash or paint. If the layer is the first or second, then you can leave this item. If you are not going to change the wallpaper, then they need to be covered with oilcloth. Next, wash the ceiling. Going to paint, we are waiting for it to dry out. At this time, you can transfer things in other rooms. Next, there is a whitewash in two layers, letting everyone dry.

If painting frames or doors is not needed, then go to the wallpaper. Depending on their type, various methods of scraping are also required. Vinyl or washahs can begin to be scraped immediately with a scraper (knife). Paper must first be soaked with water. A roller or just an ordinary rag is taken and moistened with water. Of course, it’s more convenient to do it from top to bottom. Good strong wallpapers should leave well in large pieces. After these actions, it is necessary to apply the first layer of glue directly to the wall. Giving a little dry, you can start glue the wallpaper. It is more convenient to do this together: one from above, the second from below. The joints of the strips are made from window to door.

Now the floor. Experts recommend painting in two layers with a roller. It is not worth scraping the previous paint, since this is not effective and for a long time. Oil paint dries for a long time, and nitro -painting has a sharp swing, so which one to use you decide.

After cosmetic repairs carried out, global cleaning of the premises from debris and dust must be needed. This, of course, can be done independently, but it is better to contact specialized companies for general cleaning the apartment, for example, on the page /Generalnaya-Iborka-Kvartory you can even order such a service online.

After cleaning the apartment, you can enjoy the repair made for another 5-6 years.

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