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Cottage made of aerated concrete blocks

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Estate blocks – represent porous artificial building material. Building blocks are made from cellular concrete. The use of gas blocks in construction has recently been very widespread. This material can significantly save money. Transportation and installation, such blocks are more significant and more convenient.

Gas blocks from a mixture of cement, sand, lime, water and special components are produced. Blocks are perfectly processed with locksmith tools: ordinary hacksaw, shirt, sandpaper. Sizes of sides are more significant, more than brick. Building from gas blocks, erected in a short time. Insignificant weight of cellular concrete does not require significant physical costs. For fastening blocks, an adhesive solution is used. Laying the first (initial) series of elements.

First, the base is prepared, waterproofing from roofing material is placed. Then, a cement solution is placed and aligned with waterproofing, evenness is checked by the level. The first row of elements begins with laying corner blocks. Then a construction cord is pulled between them. And the rest of the blocks are installed on the cord. Equal to wall elements, is carried out by rubber eggs. Glue on the blocks is placed (evenly) from all sides, touching together. After stagging the glue, it is not possible to move the blocks. In the arising gaps between the elements, additional elements are placed. The necessary element of the unit is sawn by a hacksaw, processed with a shirt and aligned with sandpaper.

Subsequent rows are laid on the cord, using the same technology. For ceilings, reinforced concrete slabs and or aerated concrete ceilings with mandatory ring reinforcement from heavy concrete are used

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