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How to choose a garage gate

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To ensure the safety and safety of garage property, the calm of its owners, there are garage gates. The specifics of their design is important when choosing the most optimal models, taking into account the specific features of a garage. The company Roller Profile, the specialization of which is working with the gate, recommends the choice of lifting -type designs for small garages. The probability of damage to the car when opening the exit, even if it is located close to the gate, comes down to zero. The lifting gates are different:

sectional type;

lifting and dwelling;


Sectional type gate

When opening the sectional gates, they move up and are located at the ceiling, freeing the garage space. They are good to protect property, as they consist of several layers – profiles. Materials for such profiles are steel (stainless) and strengthened by extruding or roller rolling of aluminum, between which thermo and noise insulation substances are placed.

Thanks to this design, in the room protected by the gate, the temperature necessary for the storage of property is preserved. Mechanical effects even with the help of tools are ineffective, so the probability of hacking is minimal.

Modern automatic models of such gates are equipped with an electric drive that responds to a signal that comes from the control panel. This cancels the need to independently raise the canvas.

Rollet -type gates

To purchase products of this type, less material costs are required. This is due to their characteristics: thermo -insulating and protective properties are reduced, the material for the manufacture of the structure is reduced. In this case, their installation is facilitated, compact (slightly) compact increases. An electric drive located under a protective box, after receiving the signal, causes wrapping a metal canvas on the shaft.

The gate of the lifting and dwelling type

Garage gates of this type, like sectional, are placed at the ceiling, occupying a parallel position to it. This is a metal continuous sheet driven by a special electric drive. Without such automation, the heavy gates are very difficult to move by hand.

It is undesirable to install garage gates on their own, it is better to contact trained professionals.

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