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How to choose a telecommunications rack

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How to choose a telecommunications rack

With all the simplicity of the design, the selection and installation of a communication rack is a very difficult task. When choosing this equipment, it should be guided by its numerous features. First you should determine what is the telecommunications stand of 19 inches.

In general, the communication stand is a regular box that has certain sizes and for the manufacture of which metal was used. It houses cable and network equipment.

The location of the racks.

First of all, it should be determined in which part of the room the box will be located. If an enterprise or company is enough, and they have the opportunity to allocate or build a separate area for such equipment, then purchase equipment, based on the appearance, will simply be inappropriate. In the case when the communication stand is used as part of the interior of the office, it will be important to pay attention to the appearance of this equipment.


Modern racks are designs of rectangular shape and standard sizes, in most cases, are made of steel. Aluminum or duralumin can be used for some equipment, as a result of which the total weight of the structure will be significantly reduced. In the case of installation in certain rooms (pharmaceutical or therapeutic), telecommunication racks are made of stainless steel, but the features of the premises of the use of this type of equipment quite justify the material used. True, in this case, the cost of equipment is significantly increased.

Stationary or prefabricated?

This criterion will affect the cost of storage and transportation, especially with large size of telecommunication racks. The disadvantage of this design is temporary waste for the assembly and, which seems to be the most significant, lowering strength compared to solid structures

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