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How to choose an inexpensive good tablet

by alanews

When choosing a tablet, people are most often guided by the price of a gadget, but there are a number of important characteristics that should be studied before buying a device. You can always buy a good tablet inexpensively if you approach the question with your head and not overpay for unnecessary functions and “bells and bogs”. The minimum requirements for choosing a gadget do not matter for what purpose you are going to use the device, first of all, pay attention to the tablet screen. You determine its size yourself depending on your preferences and goals of use. And the image should be clear, bright and should be clearly visible under any angle. The screen should respond well to touch. The processor and schedule of the tablet speed and ease of work on the tablet directly depends on the processor. Choosing between single -core and dual -core, preference should be given to the second, especially if the difference is not too great, since the difference in work is noticeable. He must also have 1 GHZ at least. Then you will have the opportunity to view Web pages and listen to music at the same time, watch high-quality video (Full HD). Operating memory after loading the device all processes occupy an average of 300 – 500MB of operating memory. The rest of the place is given to your needs. Thus, we can conclude that sometimes 512MB of RAM is not enough for the device. Hard disk of the internal memory of the device. Low price range tablets are usually equipped with 8-16GB of memory, take care of the possibility of expanding memory-the presence of a slot for a SD card or any other. The battery of the tablet on the capacity of the battery depends on how much you can work autonomously, without recharging. Keep in mind, the larger the gadget screen, the more energy it absorbs. Most often, the capacity of the battery is indicated, and it is measured in the mAC, usually also indicates the operating time of the tablet from the battery (8000 mAh gives an average of about 10 hours of work) . You need to choose a tablet with a maximum possible battery capacity. The camera is usually equipped with two cameras: front and back. Do not demand high resolution from them, shooting is not the main function of the gadget. The most popular is the front camera, you will use it for video chats. 3G modem and Wi-Fi pay attention to these elements, without them, work on the Internet is impossible. 3G modem can be of two types: internal and external, and the built -in modem can increase the cost of the device within $ 100. The weight of the tablet here is simple: the smaller, the better if you want to work comfortably on it, and so that the hand does not get tired, the thickness should not exceed 10 mm, and the weight is 500 grams. In 2014, 7-8 inch gadgets of Acer are in the greatest demand. These are the main characteristics. Do not skimp on the purchase, but you should not overpay either.

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