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How to choose a mattress for a newborn

by alanews

If you have become young parents, then you probably have thousands of questions and one of them is how to choose a mattress for a newborn? We will try to answer this question as much as possible.

The correctly selected mattress of the newborn is the key to not only its comfortable sleep, but also the sleeping of parents. The baby is the same person as you and I, only very small. And if for ourselves we acquire convenient things, including a mattress, then the child deserves the same.

Many dads and mothers will say that there is nothing difficult to buy the best mattress: the seller-consultant of the children’s goods store will offer what you need. But, nevertheless, some rules should be known.

To buy a comfortable and high -quality mattress for your crumb, you should pay attention to the following criteria.

The size

The mattress should coincide with the parameters of the child’s crib (select the mattress for the crib). If you have some special, then before buying a mattress you need to measure it. The length and width of the berth can be more than 2 cm mattress. In this case, you can easily overcome the mattress, and it will perfectly fit into the crib.


The best materials for mattresses are natural. If you can’t find such, then try so that the fabric from which the product will be made, contain as few piece fibers as possible. Goods made of exceptionally natural materials and fillers are not cheap pleasure, and it is quite difficult to find it on sale. The combined analogue may well be suitable for sleeping your baby. But make sure that the label does not indicate the presence of harmful components.

Environmental friendliness

Environmentally friendly materials are: chips of coconut and wood, horse hair, seaweed, felt, natural latex, straw. It is such substances that should serve as a filler of a children’s mattress.

Those products that include wooden chips, felt and straw will cost cheaper. The high cost is due to the fact that the purchase has a short service life.

Horse hair in the mattress can cause allergic reactions in a child. The best option is coconut shavings as a filler. It is durable, does not provoke allergies and is very convenient. According to the same principle, children’s shoes from Kapika should be selected, since the naturalness of materials is important not only during sleep, but also during wakefulness.

Orthopedic influence

For infants, the orthopedic effect of the mattress is not a prerequisite. A coconut product with middle -level stiffness will be a great choice.

Take care of the gateway that should be made of cotton. The best set for a newborn consists of a mattress with coconut filler and felt wrapper.

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