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How to choose a quality and safe crib

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The crib is one of the first acquisitions for your child. How to choose the right crib, so much so that it is as safe as possible? The crib is purchased for not one day or a month, so you need to approach the issue of choice seriously.

The first thing we see in the store is the model and appearance of the crib. There are many models for every taste: cradles, cradle, standard models, combined, etc. D. Choose, but remember that the child is growing, and the bed for him changes his functions.

First, let’s pay attention to the material. It is desirable that the crib is made of natural material – wood: oak, beech, ash. This is a solid tree and will retain a commercial appearance for a long time. There is still an option – pine and alder, but their wood is softer, so traces of the tooth and rattles will be noticeable and the strength of such a crib loses. We look so that the corners are safe, rounded and the surface is well polished.

The tree from which the cribs are made must have a certificate. The varnish and paint that covered the crib should also be environmentally friendly. Your baby should not inhale outsiders and unpleasant odors.

Secondly, the bed should be resistant on the surface. Of course, in the first months, the cradle will be convenient for motion. But 3-4 months will be dangerous to leave the child alone, as he may fall out. There are fastenings for this that fix the cradle and the standard model is obtained. The crib should have two heights: the first – for the convenience of laying the baby; The second is for a more grown child so that he could not fall out. The required distance from the upper bar to the railing to the mattress should be from 50 cm. In some models, not a mattress is lowered, but a movable front wall, which drops by 15 – 20 cm.

The cribs can be on wheels, for the convenience of moving to another room. The wheels can turn in any direction 180 degrees, which does not prevent movement. The wheels should be equipped with fixers to prevent skating after installation.

It will be very convenient if it is possible to remove several rods from the front wall. Then, an active baby, he will be able to climb into the crib himself. There are models combined with a changing table, chest of drawers, box, etc. D. In this case, you will not have to reach far behind the necessary things.

Thirdly, mattress. He plays an important role for the child. The children’s mattress should be in size of the crib, preferably orthopedic. The material must pass air, be without harmful odors and maintain properties for the entire service life. It is very good if there is a case on the mattress, which can be washed or replaced.

The important criteria listed in this article are responsible for the quality and safety of the cribs. But most importantly, one should not forget that even the highest quality and safest crib will not replace mom’s loving hugs!

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