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How to choose a good nail polish

by alanews

How to choose nail polish? Such varnish can be of different types, types, shades. But, in addition to appearance, varnishes differ in their composition, properties and manufacturers. From a wide selection of varnishes, everyone will be able to choose something their own.

The composition of nail varnishes usually includes nitrocellulose. Cellulose nitrate provides the creation of a film on the nail, due to which the varnish is held. Used, also Toluol-Suphundamide-Formaldehyde resin, for leaving glossy to the nail. For the elasticity of the varnish film, Campara, butylsterat, castor oil are responsible. Resin, goes as part as filler, is responsible for the stickiness and sparkle of the varnish. Diluting varnish dilute. They are responsible for drying the varnish. Use acetone, butyl and ethyl acetate, petrolay ether. From dyes, iron oxide, titanium, organic pigments are possible. Sometimes pearl varnishes contain mica. Add ultraviolet absorber to protect against burnout. Nutrients that improve the moisturizing of nails, these are ceramides, proteins, calcium.

High -quality varnish does not dry completely for six months. But do not forget that the expiration date has everything. The varnish can be made more liquid after thickening with a solvent. But so we can “reanimate” the varnish only if it is not quite dried up. After two or three diluted with a solvent, the varnish can still become unsuitable.

You can distinguish a good varnish from bad varnish if several strokes are drawn on your nails.

Paying attention to the color of the varnish, it is worth noting that you need to choose the varnish that is suitable for you. Only a test on your own nails gives the right idea of ​​how much varnish suits you. Samples do not show exactly what the applied varnish will look like. On a varnish probe, you can evaluate transparency and the number of layers of varnish that you need to apply on your nails. If the varnish is too transparent, then it is better to apply it over a thicker and less transparent varnish. Adequate varnish can be evaluated according to samples of a painted nail, right in the store.

Take the brush to evaluate the consistency of the varnish, check how speed the dump of varnish falls from the brush. The varnish falls should be from two, to five seconds. But, it is better, if not more than five seconds, otherwise the varnish is thick.

Inspect the bottle for defects. Incorrectly, unevenly glued labels, erased letters, damaged or scratched bottle, the presence of a bottle of curvature that is not provided for by the design – all these are signals of poor -quality products. Better if the varnish is bought with a micks balls. These are such metal balls for mixing varnish in a bottle. It is enough to shake the capacity with varnish and balls and the varnish will be struck evenly.

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