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How to return the figure to an ideal state after childbirth?

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Many women are not so much afraid of pregnancy and childbirth as they are afraid to stay after them thick and unattractive. In fact, after the birth of a child, so many things are falling on his mother that very often does not remain for himself – all the forces are given to the baby. However, this is not a reason to be upset, the main thing is to pull yourself together and look with optimism into the future.

It is known that a hormonal background has a direct effect on a woman’s figure, which changes significantly during pregnancy – hence the “sides” that appeared, and a decisively leaving tummy. However, all this can be dealt with due to simple and at the same time effective methods.

Returning your previous ideal (or almost perfect forms) after the birth of a child will be much easier if you adhered to several simple rules during pregnancy during pregnancy. During pregnancy, pay attention to what and how you eat. Food should be healthy, it will have a beneficial effect both on the health and beauty of mom and the baby’s health.

Healthy nutrition of a pregnant or nursing woman involves a mandatory breakfast, a large number of vegetables and fruits – they contain vitamins and help to cope with sudden hunger, to fear without fear. In addition, it should be eaten more often, while reducing the size of the portion itself. It is better to exclude everything too salty, fat and acute from the diet – this will not benefit either you or the baby. But in drinking you should not limit yourself, just like fresh products, preferring them to thermally processed.

Active lifestyle, both during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, will contribute to the departure of extra pounds. At the same time, one should not treat this with fanaticism, you just need to move as much as possible, visit the fresh air and perform simple gymnastic exercises. Choose several types of exercises and do morning exercises for your favorite music – this will be the perfect combination of pleasant with useful! Buy comfortable clothes for nursing mothers who would not constrain movements and were comfortable. For example, it can be a fleece sling -smoking for walking with the baby. Both beautiful and comfortable.

There is an opinion that nursing mothers will not be able to lose weight while the baby on breastfeeding. However, there is an opposite opinion – after all, the nursing spends much more calories daily compared to his non -lactating girlfriend. The fact is that the period of breastfeeding is a voluntary return of a certain number of fat reserves. And if you also observe the notorious rules of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, which is granted with the baby, then you can forget about extra pounds soon. And your favorite outfits will again sit beautifully on the perfect figure.

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