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Features of independent roof repair

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The appearance of minor roofing defects is quite possible to eliminate independently. The cause of a small leak may be a careless installation of the antenna or wear of certain elements. Cracks or small holes in the coating of slate, tiles or metal can be poured with a self -adhesive tape. As you know, the refrigerator is an important household appliance. If your refrigerator has broken in Minsk, we advise you to follow the next link. Repair refrigerators in Minsk at competitive prices can be ordered on this site.

The defective area is preliminarily treated with a fabric impregnated in solvent or white spell. If the coating is wet, the repaired place must be dried. Before gluing the tape, protective paper is removed, as on self -adhesive wallpaper. The material should overlap the processed area by 5 cm.

The outer side of the silicone tape is covered with non -woven material, which is easily painted. As a paint, you can use a solution of aluminum powder in natural olifa. This mixture, along with a decorative function, has protective properties.

The leak of the flat roof from the roofing roof is eliminated using bitumen mastic. A one -component composition is suitable, which is applied with a cold method, using the basis of non -woven materials (non -woven). To fix the metal sheet to the crate will allow a thiocol sealant applied to a piece of fiberglass.

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