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Features of certification of electrical equipment

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Currently, electrical equipment involves an extensive list of devices and various devices. These include measuring instruments, automation tools, electrical apparatuses, distribution devices and other. For their production and implementation, it is necessary to obtain a certificate.

In other words, certification of electrical equipment is a special test to determine the compliance of products to certain standards.

Almost all electrical appliances in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation requires the availability of mandatory certification, and for some you will also need to issue a certificate of quality. For example, for electrical equipment that is used in mines, in agriculture, and so on.

For some electrical equipment, a declaration of conformity is needed.

Part of such equipment should be certified according to the technical regulations for security in which a security certificate is issued.

In addition, all electrical equipment must be designed for a fire certificate, since this product has a possible threat of ignition.

To carry out the certification procedure, you must contact a special certification center. These centers include organizations that are registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and have a certificate of state -core.

Directly the certification procedure itself is carried out in several stages.

one. An application is submitted to the certification center.

2. The necessary documentation is provided. The list of required documents should be found from employees of the certification center.

3. Product samples are selected for certification.

four. A specially equipped laboratory tests of these products.

5. Test protocols are compiled.

6. The certification commission is studying the above protocols in order to decide on the provision of a certificate or declaration.

7. All necessary documents are issued to the applicant on hand.

In the event that during the study, the expert commission determined that the characteristics of the product partially or completely do not comply with the legislative norms, then it may issue a corresponding refusal to provide confirming documentation. So you always need to take your activities seriously.

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