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Features of the development of newborns and caring for them

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Newborn children are completely helpless, and, therefore, they need a close attention and careful attitude as anyone else. In caring for babies there are their own characteristics, which it is advisable to familiarize themselves with the moment of birth.

The development of newborns

Healthy newborn children weigh, as a rule, from 2.5 to 4.5 kilograms. Sufficient nutrition by the beginning of the second month of life guarantees its increase by 600-800 g. Maternal milk – perfect food for infants. By the behavior of the crumbs, you can understand whether it is enough. If a newborn baby often asks to eat and sleeps poorly, it is worth performing a control weighing before and after eating. If the mother does not have enough milk, you should consult a doctor for advice and feed the child with a mixture.

One of the main indicators of children’s health can be called an increase in weight, but the development of the psychoemotional sphere is also of considerable importance. A newborn child almost does not pay attention to external stimuli, but after 2-3 weeks he already fixes the eye on the faces and bright toys located in close proximity. In order for the baby to have a feeling of security, in the process of communicating with him it is important to smile.

Toys should be placed at a distance of not more than 25-30 centimeters from the face of the baby. It is better that they are blue, red, green or yellow – these colors are perceived by the first.

Clothing for newborns must be of high -quality from the skin not annoying the skin of the baby. The seams should be outside, not from the inside. On the smallest, it is advisable even in warm weather to put on a hat and socks to avoid a cold.

The newborn does not hear very well during the first days, but after a week loud sounds attract his attention. It is necessary to communicate with the baby as much as possible: humming and talk. This will help him not only listen carefully, but also distinguish between the voices of loved ones.

Rules for the care of newborn

A newborn child needs to process the umbilical wound, eyes, ear shells, skin and carefully conduct the toilet of the genitals. Except for the last procedure, all the rest can be done after bathing. If yellowish and translucent crusts are formed on the baby’s head, it is necessary to comb them with a brush with soft bristles, having previously treated the child’s head with baby oil.

The umbilical cord can be treated with greenhouse and hydrogen peroxide, and baby oil is suitable for skin folds. Eyes are cleaned with a moistened cotton swab, ears – cotton sticks.

The porridge consistency of feces of a newborn can lead to irritation, so it is necessary to wash the baby every time, changing the diaper. This is done with movements from front to back, water should be at room temperature.

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