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Design of a one -room apartment

by alanews

Currently, professionals are rarely agreed to take work on arranging a one -room apartment. They consider this matter to be frivolous and low paid. After all, the owners of such apartments are often low -income. And at the same time, the highest manifestation of design skill is precisely the development of a design project for a small apartment, which will make it make spacious, convenient for owners and beautiful. Those who ever faced this understand that for this it is necessary that the sense of space is well developed, you need to own ergonomics well, be able to abstract and even have a psychologist’s skills.

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This is especially true when you need to equip an apartment according to certain requirements of the client. The task is complicated when the apartment was not acquired and a large family lives in it. The modern idea of ​​comfort is associated with the owners of large apartments in which the number of residents is equal to the number of rooms, plus there are additional premises for general use. Therefore, owners of one -room apartments often connect the kitchen with the living room. In this situation, it is important to maintain balance and recall that the design is primarily called creative solutions.

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