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Homemade facial skin masks

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People have long known that many plants and natural products obtained from animals have healing and cosmetics.

Honey produced by bees is a common cosmetic and therapeutic product. Its beneficial properties are due to the presence of natural components in honey, giving it healing properties.

Honey has the ability to easily penetrate the pores of the skin, adjusting its water balance. This affects the freshness of the skin and does not allow wrinkles to appear. Meda contains organic and protein substances that have anti -inflammatory and astringent properties, contribute to improving the nutrition of skin cells.

Honey is used both on its own for cosmetic purposes, and in mixtures with other plants and products. This uses the penetrating ability of honey to penetrate the beneficial properties of other components of the mixtures into the human body.

One of the widely used components of honey mixtures is almonds.

Almonds growing in the form of a tree or shrub, have many healing properties, which allowed it to be widely used by medicine, in cooking and in cosmetology.

The composition of the almond includes protein substances, unsaturated fatty acids, essential oil and vitamins.

Almond milk, almond bran, almond oil, almond mixtures with honey and other components are used in cosmetology.

These products containing almonds are used for washing and lotion.

Masks using almonds are used to improve dry skin. In this case, the wrinkles around the eyes are smoothing.

In cosmetology, for the treatment and prevention of skin aging, there are many drugs as anti -aging and therapeutic masks, including almonds in their composition.

It is recommended when applying the mask to make a steam procedure or hot compress first. You can make a mask containing horseradish, mustard or radish before applying a mask containing almonds.

The mask is recommended to be applied to cleansed skin. For normal and dry skin, it is recommended to pre -apply a nourishing cream. For oily skin, a nutrient cream does not need to be applied.

The compositions used for applying masks are prepared for use immediately before the start of the procedure. After removing the mask, it is recommended to wash with cold water and apply a nutrient cream.

In cosmetics, there are many recipes for use as a mask. Here is one recipe for fading skin.

Combine and grind a teaspoon of almond oil with a teaspoon of honey and chicken yolk. Lay the mask on the face in a sequence in three layers, letting each layer dry. Hold the mask for 20-25 minutes and rinse with warm water. Carry out the procedure 2 times a week. It is recommended to use for 5 weeks.

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