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Choosing doors for the apartment

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Doors are the subject of the interior, which a person always pays attention to, entering the room. Therefore, the choice of doors must be treated very responsibly. This design should first of all correspond to a style solution, so usually the doors are chosen at the initial stage of the development of a design project. Currently, the market has a large selection of doors, so it is necessary to consider in more detail their varieties.

First of all, the doors differ in their intended purpose. Based on this, the doors are divided into input and interior. The more massive and heavier, the more difficult it is to change the locks in the door, the more it is suitable for installation as input.

Fundamentally all the doors are arranged the same. The main constructive elements of any door is the strapping and internal filling. The strapping is a power design of the door, or, in just saying, its skeleton, in which pens, lock, loops are fixed. As a material for the manufacture of a strapping, a tree is usually used. Based on the structural features, the interior doors are divided into smooth (flat), stamped and phylencial.

Smooth doors in the process of their manufacture may have a filling of cellular or river. Cellular filling is made of corrugated cardboard, and the reed – their wooden rails. The outer layer of flat doors is usually made of sheets of fiberboard or MDF. Recently, doors made of plastic, the cost of which is much higher than usual, have been on the market in a wide assortment.

The stamped doors do not constructively differ from the door of smooth with a cellular content, but have an appearance that is similar on the door Phineral. To give them the configuration, the press is used, and the appearance is adjusted by staining or lamination with a film that simulates the structure of wood.

The main difference between the phylene doors is their open design. To fill this type of doors, phylenes are used, which are panels of wood, glass or other materials. To decorate this type of elements, they can apply a drawing, thread, stained glass, inlay, as well as other design solutions. An array of natural wood or various combined materials can be used for the manufacture of phylene doors.

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