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Choose good sledges

by alanews

Although now October, we know that winter comes unnoticed, sharply and suddenly. Of course, everyone wants to wrap himself in a warm blanket, drink something warm and do their own affairs. But! It is in winter that we can ride in the forest on skiing, on a sled from a hill, on skates in the yard, play snowballs and much more.

But for our children the most interesting and funny, what they can do with adults, ride a sled! So, how to approach the purchase of children’s sledges right? Today, shops are full of diverse range of sledges. The main thing is to approach this seriously and responsibly, because it will depend on the choice how safe they are for the child and how long they will serve your family.

So, today we will consider the main aspects that will need to be paid attention to when buying children’s sleds. First, we will figure out what sleds can be. Sancti are divided into three groups according to the material of manufacture:

 Metal,

 Wooden,

 Plastic.

Metal, probably, each of us had such in childhood. Naturally, their price is not large and they serve for a long time. If you decide to buy metal sledges, then you should pay attention to aluminum, because they weigh little and some are made folding. We go to wooden, domestic were made from birch, and foreign – from beech. As you correctly understood, beech. But, all wooden ones have one minus – some time after buying children’s sleds, the decorative coating is destroyed, and then they do not look well -groomed. Well, plastic sledges that appeared 10-20 years ago. Here plastic are divided into: -Salads (without backs, pens; for skiing from slides); -Luins (high -speed, with handles); -domobiles (with a steering wheel, and two skis, thanks to which you can control) and snowballs (steering wheel and three skis, like a three -wheeled bicycle).

And the main criterion is security. So when you decide to buy children’s sledges, remember: they should be safe, durable, and of course … beautiful, because the child should love them and care for them!

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