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Important trifles in the preparation of perfect pancakes

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On the eve of Shrovetide, many housewives are trying to find special recipes for making pancakes or trying to improve their branded to surprise guests with fragrant tasty roasted pancakes. Today we share with you the most important secrets of perfect pancakes. one. The pancake dough should have a consistency of liquid sour cream. A thicker dough is poorly spreading through a pan, and very thin pancakes are made of too liquid, which are constantly torn. 2. Pancake flour should only be of the highest quality. Before kneading the test, it must be sift to remove possible excessive impurities and enrich the flour with oxygen. This will give pancakes additional splendor and lightness. 3. When kneading the test, separate the proteins from the yolks. First mix all liquid ingredients (except proteins), and then add flour in portions. Only when the dough is ready, add proteins whipped into steep foam. This trick will help make pancakes more loose with a large number of holes. four. Never add water to pancakes for pancakes. Only high -quality milk or fermented milk products. So that when baking, the delicate dough does not break, you need to add eggs at the rate of 5 eggs per 1 liter of dairy product to milk. 5. Yeast pancake dough loves when it is brewed. After the academan came on the advice from the site /, pour it with boiled hot milk, mixing intensively. After that, you can add whipped proteins. 6. When preparing dough for yeast pancakes, you can use cereals cooked on water (from semolina or millet cereals). They will give your pancakes an interesting structure and significantly improve their taste. 7. Before baking pancakes, add several tablespoons of vegetable oil to the dough. eight. For baking pancakes, it is best to choose a pan from a cast iron with a thick bottom and low sides. In such a pan, pancakes are perfectly baked and are very ruddy. 9. Before baking, lubricate the pan with a small amount of oil so that the pancake does not turn out unnecessarily greasy. A slice of raw potato strung on a fork is ideal for this. Dip it into vegetable oil and grease the surface of the pan. ten. It is best to turn pancakes with a thin wooden spatula. The use of metal often leads to the fact that pancakes are torn. eleven. Remember that the thickness of your pancakes depends on the amount of dough in the pan. If you like thin pancakes, pour less dough. 12. Do not be afraid to experiment. When preparing sweet pancakes, try adding citrus, cinnamon, honey, vanillin to the dough. Dried herbs, turmeric, various spices can be added to salt pancakes. Try different fillings and fillers for pancakes. Surprise your guests with unusual tastes and bold solutions.

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