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The curtain-pliss in its design resembles blinds, also has profiles, guides, fasteners elements. The difference is that the pliss is made of a solid pleated piece of fabric, which is attached on a special profile and when opening is tightly folded into an accordion. Courage Plissa takes up very little space (5-7 cm).

More often, curtains -pliss are opened from the bottom up, but there are other options – from top to bottom, from left to right and vice versa and vice versa. Semicircular, round, triangular openings of pliss closes according to the principle of the fan. The curtains are good in that they are suitable for decorating and protecting from the sun of windows of any size and shape, as well as attic openings and even glass roofs of the winter garden. They can be made of a wide variety of fabrics. They are used both separately and in combination with traditional curtains.

On sale there are cloths such as “day-night”, in which two fabrics with different light transmitting ability. One of them, as a rule, is very dense and protects against the bright sun, the second is transparent, serves to decorate windows. This design is ideal for rooms with windows overlooking the sunny side, as well as for attic windows.


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