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Silicate brick and lamination of signs and posters

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Silicate brick and lamination of signs and posters

From environmentally friendly raw materials a mixture of lime, quartz sand and water, silicate brick is produced, which is its most important advantage. The material after the formation is subjected to autoclaving, which allows you to form an artificial stone. It is worth noting, now there is a great demand for lamination of signs and posters.

It is used in the construction of walls, partitions in buildings, etc. He has high soundproofing properties, and its density exceeds the density of ceramic brick. It also has high frost resistance. In its characteristics, many times better than grades of light concrete. Buildings built from this brick can stand for half a century. Its wide range and reliability allows you to use it for reconstruction. And the price of silicate brick is much lower than by ceramic. If you add various dyes of synthetic origin in the production process, the brick will acquire different color shades. Thanks to this color textured silicate brick, you can decorate the facades of buildings. In addition, buildings are resistant to aggressive environmental factors, with the exception of very increased humidity. Low moisture resistance and heat resistance, the only disadvantages of this brick. Therefore, in places with high humidity and the action of high temperatures it is not used.

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