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Beautiful places and attractions of Alabama

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The first point of the Alabama tour is Dauphin Island. There are several bird sanctuaries on its territory. Fort Gaines, preserved since the Civil War, is located in a small bay of Mobile.

And a large Marine laboratory is sheltered nearby. Its main decoration is a huge aquarium. There are several cozy restaurants, historical museums and a small airport on the island. A favorite place of tourists are its “half-abandoned” beaches. The city of Birmingham is of incredible interest. His calling card is a huge cast–iron statue of Vulcan, the Blacksmith God, the God of Fire. A magnificent park complex stretches around the monument. There is a Volcano Museum on its territory, visiting which you can learn a lot about the history and development of the city. The famous US Space Center located in Huntsville attracts a lot of attention. Inside there is a large thematic museum. Here you can learn a lot about the development of American space, the production and testing of rockets. The Hank William Museum, located in Montgomery, became very famous in Alabama. The museum’s exposition and its numerous exhibits are dedicated to the life and work of the famous American country singer. A unique miniature “Ave Maria Grotto” has been created in the city of Kallman. It is a tiny town that has gathered several dozen of the world’s most famous buildings on its territory. Among them are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ancient castles, Roman monasteries, the Alamo Chapel, St. Peter’s Cathedral and many others. One of the most picturesque places in Alabama is its Little River Canyon Nature Reserve. It amazes with the diversity of the animal and plant world. The natural monument “Russell’s Cave” is of great interest. No less fascinating is the journey to the crater of the volcano Vetumpka.

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