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About the beautiful rivers of Alabama

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To the south stretches the coastal plain, part of the Atlantic lowlands of the United States. The coastal plain occupies almost two-thirds of the territory of Alabama, in the southeast of the state it is characterized by steppe landscapes, in the southwest – swampy lowlands.

There are many rivers flowing through the state, Alabama is the second among the US states in terms of the length of inland waterways. The largest river in the state is the Alabama River, which flows from the northeast to the southwest of the state and flows into the Gulf of Mexico near the city of Mobile.

Interestingly, in the upper reaches of this river is called Kusa, after merging with the Tallapoosa River, it gets the name Alabama, and in the lower reaches, after the confluence of the Tombigby tributary, the river is called Mobile. The length of the Alabama River (from the source of Kusa to Mobile Bay) is over a thousand kilometers.

In the north of Alabama flows the Tennessee River, the largest tributary of the Ohio River.

The Chattahoochee River is the border between the states of Alabama and Georgia.

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