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Economic development of the State of Alabama

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The state of Alabama with the main city of Montgomery is located in the southeastern United States. To the north lies the border with the state of Tennessee, Georgia is located to the east, Florida is to the south, Alabama’s western neighbor is the state of Mississippi.

The southern part of Alabama faces the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The vast territory of the state is occupied by endless plains, in the northeast they are replaced by a long ridge of Appalachian mountain ranges with the highest mountain Chiha and dense impenetrable forests. The climate is mostly oceanic subtropical. Winters are quite warm, summers are hot with heavy precipitation. The majority of the population of Alabama are English–speaking whites, the rest are Blacks, Indians, Spaniards.

The economy of Alabama is very versatile and rapidly developing.

In Alabama, minerals (mainly coal) are mined, lumber and paper are produced, metal products (including cast iron and steel pipes), plastic products, and clothes are sewn.

Alabama’s agriculture is no longer concentrated, as it used to be, on one crop – cotton. Cereals (corn, sorghum), peanuts, soybeans, vegetables and fruits (in particular peaches) are grown in the state. Animal husbandry (mainly dairy) and poultry farming are well developed.

In the north of the state, in the Huntsville area, a number of organizations related to developments in the aerospace and military industries are concentrated.

The Toyota Motor company’s factory in Huntsville produces engines for trucks.

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