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Allergies treatment using folk remedies.

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Allergy is a state in which a fast and lightning-fast reaction of human receptors and an organism is made to any specific substance. This is mainly a reaction of mucous membranes or skin cover. An allergy may appear in certain cases as a rash or lacrimation, but if you have a too neglected form, then signs of suffocation in an inevitable way will appear in an inevitable way.

The general condition of the human body has a paramount meaning in the treatment of allergies of various types and origin. Even the natural and environmental situation, psychological (psychomimity) condition, the presence of stressful situations, etc. is important here.D. In addition, that the course of an allergic reaction largely completely depends on the general condition and work of the human nervous system is evidenced by the results of the experience. In laboratory conditions, doctors introduced a certain allergen on a guinea pig. When, after a certain period of time, it was again introduced, the pig died of anaphylactic shock. In the case when the pigs were repeatedly introduced under anesthesia, they not only did not die, but generally felt excellently. They also did not have certain reactions and allergies. For this reason, in the process of treating allergies, there is always calm and normal operation of the immune system in the first place. Therefore, it is mainly necessary to tint and cleanse the body.

In the process of treating allergies, you should prepare such a collection: take ten parts of ripe viburnum flowers, five parts of the grass of the series, five parts of the root of the wheatgrass, five parts of sage leaves, two parts of the licorice roots. A little more than one tablespoon of the therapeutic mixture, it should be poured in a thermos with half liters of boiling (hot) boiling water and insist for about 10.5-10 hours. Then, the infusion must be thoroughly strain through ordinary gauze. This composition should be consumed throughout the day – 4 times before meals. In a week, the dose should be increased before taking 600 grams per day. And you need to drink the mixture 100 grams 6 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before a full meal. After 3 weeks of the course of admission, it is necessary to take at least one week a break. At this time, it is best to drink a decoction prepared on the basis of raspberry roots.

In addition, in order to get rid of allergies for a long time, and maybe even forever, you can use a simple recipe. You need to take 50 grams of roots of garden raspberries, pour them half a liter of water and boil for half an hour over low heat. This broth should be taken two or two and a half tablespoons, at least four to three times a day, up to the complete disappearance of ordinary allergic seizures. Store this broth in the refrigerator.

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