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We paint the windows

by alanews

If you are a lover of everything natural and do not approve of the presence of metal -plastic products in your house, you, of course, have faced the problem of intense wear of wooden details. Such products from wood as windows and doors require certain care, in particular systematic coloring. So, before painting, you need to clean and wash off the old, cracked layer of paint. Mobile details recommend painting early in the morning, this will give you the opportunity to close the already dried windows at night. By the way, disposable dishes are now popular, more details will not be superfluous to find out about it.

Before painting windows, make sure you have removed all the accessories: holders, interceptions and hooks. For convenience, use a brush cut with a small angle of bristles. Start coloring from the areas of the frame that borders on the glass. Try to grab the glass itself, this will help eliminate the cracks that can contribute to the formation of dampness and mold on the frame.

Remove excess paint until it dries, using an ordinary spatula wrapped in a cloth that systematically change. It is better to apply paint on the frame with the movements of the hand in the direction from the inside of the frame to the external. Try not to gain excess paint to avoid flows.

It is not recommended to paint the windows in windy weather, as it is possible to stick out for fresh paint and dust particles.

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