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Linoleum finishing material is intended for the floors indoors. At first it was made of vegetable oils and cork flour on a fabric basis. It was called glyftal. In modern production, linseed oil is oxidized and turned into a special mass. It is called linoleum cement. Mix this mass and form linoleum sheets with wood crumb and pine resin. By the way, if you urgently need to order a car transportation of Gazelle Moscow, then we advise you to go through the exiled link. There you will find a lot of interesting things about auto transportation in Moscow and find out the cost of this service.

Linoleum is divided into several types, depending on the raw materials: alkyd, polyvinyl chloride, nitrolinoleum, rubber reward. Release coating based on and without the basis.

Linoleum is silent, hygienic, easy to lay, wear -resistant, has a good appearance. Its with a thermal insulation system can be laid on a concrete base. The color palette is very diverse.

Linoleum has a number of wonderful properties. It is completely natural and environmentally friendly material. All bacteria on it die thanks. The material is ignited poorly, and cigarettes will not leave on it and a trace. Heels are not pushed on it, and the claws of pets are not terrible for him. It does not stretch under furniture and does not bubble. The material is resistant to domestic chemical compositions. Often linoleum is laid on the heating floors.

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