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The choice of cornice brush

by alanews

Construction is completed, the walls are ready, the roof is ready, it’s time to think about what the binder will be for the cornice of the roof. You need to think seriously, as this is done not only for beauty, but also for insulation.

There are many options for decorating a cornice overhang in the building materials market: sofits, ceiling corrugated panels, ceiling panels (aluminum, copper, steel), strict cut -off board, wooden lining and PVC lining.

Sofita – special PVC panels that serve for hearing cornices facing down. During installation, Sofit provides ventilation of the roof and subcutaneous space. It also performs a decorative function, combining, with almost any roofing material, serves as an integral addition to the modern drainage system. Sofit is used both in private construction and in industrial. The color scheme presented on the market is quite extensive. Sofit has the following distinctive advantages:

– service life is not less than 50 years;

– An excellent appearance that does not get worse over time;

– frost resistance;

– At a temperature of -20 degrees, it is not destroyed during impacts;

– resistant to various microorganisms.

A wooden lining that is used to bite the cornice looks much richer, but it will be much more expensive in cost. And if the material is expensive, then the work of the masters will cost a lot. It must be taken into account that this material will constantly contact with the external environment, so you need to choose only high -quality lining. Carrying out the cornice, you need to take care of installing special ventilation grilles. In addition to the lining, the board is also used.

It is more often used for hemding PVC cornices, which has excellent water -repellent properties, as well as resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Plastic panels are quite strong and successfully cope with their “work” for many years. Plastic can be selected different colors, but the most common is white and brown color. Plastic cornice systems are performed with perforation, which is needed to ensure proper roof ventilation by passing air through the cornice space. Their advantages:

– stable color;

– the stability of the material to aggressive environments;

– relatively low price;

– Installation speed.

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