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Choosing ceramic tiles in the bathroom

by alanews

Ceramic tile remains familiar to the bathroom already finishing material for the bathroom. Almost all manufacturers produce finishing ceramic products in the form of collections of combined wall and floor tiles, but at your discretion you can choose samples from different collections, even if you combine with each other. Floor tiles are more resistant to wear and exposure to abrasive cleaning agents, it has an anti -slip effect.  The wall tile is subject to light processing, it absorbs moisture worse and is not recommended for laying on the floor. Also, do not forget to purchase a KTR clamp, you may need it in the repair process.

The color scheme depends completely on your preferences – it is most comfortable to be in the room of calm relaxing tones, but your bathroom can be all the colors of the rainbow. In shape and size, the tiles can also be different. From the point of view of savings, a rectangular tile is more economical in work, about ten percent of the purchased material can take to trim and adjust the ornament. If you want to add mirror tiles to the interior of the bathroom, it is better to use it partially in the form of focusing bathroom accessories.

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