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Spa etiquette

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Can I choose a female therapist? That I have to put a salon in a spa? Whether to apply wax/shave legs in front of the spa session? Is it necessary to buy special cosmetics, for example, therapeutic hair cosmetics? These and other questions often arise in our minds, before we are going to visit the spa center. Do not worry, all these questions have answers that are regulated by spa etiquette. There are general rules, the same for almost all centers, but there are also separate norms that one or another center introduced for its visitors. If you are not sure if there are any special requirements in the center that you intend to visit, call back to the administrator and ask the questions you are interested in.

Visiting the spa is necessary for relaxation and restoration of strength, but if this is your first time, you may be a little anxious, since you do not quite imagine what exactly awaits you. The next list will help you navigate in some basic rules that you probably already know. Thus, you will be aware of how to behave during the procedures, what to take with you and what to leave behind the walls of the spa center. Adhere to these rules, and you can fully enjoy your first visit.


Never be late for an appointment, but also do not try to come much earlier. Ideally, it is worth coming twenty or twenty -five minutes before the appointed time of the start of the session. Late, you yourself reduce the time of your session. In addition, having come to the center a little earlier, you will have the opportunity to consult with your therapist additionally. Many spa centers have various relaxation agents. Some centers specialize in the cosmetics of the Dead Sea, which has received many positive reviews. Some spa centers provide the possibility of a morning visit to a steam bath and a sauna, or the opportunity to swim in the pool and relax before the session begins.


Better to take a shower before your session start. Be sure to take a shower after you swam in the pool, since chlorinated water can interfere with treatment. You also demonstrate your attitude to the therapist by maintaining hygiene. You do not want to proceed with the procedures of sweaty and dirty. Even if you are late, talk with your doctor and spend a few minutes to wash off everything superfluous before the spa session.

Shaving or wax.

Do not shave the skin or apply wax immediately in front of the session, this can cause irritation during massage or any other treatment. During some events, such as facial skin care, you may be asked to remove extra hairs. In this case, you need to perform these actions at least 2-3 hours before your spa sino.

Based on materials from ISRAEL-COSMETICS

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