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Shavkat Mirziyoyev: features of activity and important decisions

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From the documents that the president signs, one can conclude about his steps in domestic and foreign policy. The texts of decrees and resolutions can often become laws aimed at improving the lives of citizens or the development of the country. In this regard, the Uzbek president stands out.

Features of the activity

Having assumed the presidency in 2016, Shavkat Mirziyoyev already had a good understanding of the situation within the country and its problems. He gained this knowledge as the head of two regions – his native Jizzakh, and then the industrial Samarkand. In the period 2004-2016, he headed the government.

Therefore, having won the general democratic elections, receiving more than 88% of the vote, the politician had no doubt about the need for reforms. The first thing he did was release political prisoners by decree.

The next step was decrees banning forced child labor, expanding women’s rights, and attracting them to wider participation in the social, political, and economic life of the country.

Documents related to the reform of security forces were important decrees; the prosecutor’s office was especially decisively cleansed, from where all employees who worked under the previous president were fired. These measures go together to solve the problems of corruption.

Foreign policy decisions were expressed in the signing of agreements with neighboring states that settled border disputes.

In the economic sphere, it is worth highlighting the presidential decrees and decrees aimed at simplifying the activities of all entities; producers of cotton and fruits and vegetables were allowed to sell them directly, bypassing government intermediary structures. Private investors were allowed to purchase shares of Uzbek enterprises on the stock market.

An important area of attention for the president is the field of irrigation and water resources regulation, because he is a certified specialist in this industry. This is a centuries-old problem for Uzbekistan; the lives of millions of people depend on its solution.

The importance of decisions

Passing a law is a long process. It is necessary to go through many procedures for a decision to receive such status. Presidential decrees are a faster way to give legitimacy to many actions, to begin on its basis the development of measures, and the implementation of activities to solve the problems facing the country. This is especially important during global reforms affecting all spheres of life of the country and people.

President Mirziyoyev takes upon himself the determination to implement important changes, which is expressed in the signing and publication of various acts.

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