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Remodeling the kitchen in the room

by alanews

You will not need much effort to convert the kitchen to the room. First you need to purchase a soft corner that will perfectly fit into the interior. This soft corner can be intended for the kitchen with the table and, possibly, stools. But there are sofas that are easily transformed into the bed, which allows an additional sleeping place to appear. How to choose and buy a mattress for such sofas and beds, this is the question to which you should find an answer.

Additional comfort in the room will give a sconce, which must be hung on the wall near the soft corner. On the bedside table located next to the sofa, you can put a variety of things. And if there is still the opportunity to attach a book shelf, then this place can turn into a place of work or rest.

With the spaciousness of the room on an additional cabinet, you can put a TV opposite the corner. The TV must be put so that it is not close to the plate or washbasin due to probable damage during the use of kitchen devices. Also decorated with the interior of fresh flowers that can be placed near the TV or hang pots on the wall.

The carpet coating just like the TV, in order to avoid pollution, does not need to be laid near the place where food is prepared. Linoleum or other coating you like can be used as a coating. For the visual separation of the residential and non -residential part of the kitchen, you can stick different wallpapers or paint in different colors.

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