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Parquet board – modern and inexpensive flooring

by alanews

Today, modern builders practically do not use parquet and laminate as a floor covering. He is replaced by more universal materials that are much cheaper. One of these alternatives is a parquet board. Unlike a massive board, which is made of whole wood, the parquet board is made of different woody. Its upper layer is loaded with high -quality wood, and the rest of the layers are mixed and more economical woody materials. The buyer has the opportunity to independently decide on the desired laying of the parquet board, it all depends on the color of the upper coating. Naturally, when choosing more rare and expensive woods as an outer layer, the price of a parquet board will be higher.

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The process of laying a parquet board is no less important. Indeed, in the case of poor -quality work, the flooring after installation can creak. However, according to experts, all wooden coatings creak in general. Also, a creak is possible due to plywood laid down on an unevenly aligned floor. Therefore, experts, before starting laying a parquet board, preliminarily perform a flat screed of the floor. Incorrectly installed plinth may also affect damage to the parquet board.

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