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Permanent makeup

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Everyone knows that applying an ordinary tattoo is a very painful lesson. And in the case of permanent makeup. During the procedure, external local anesthesia is usually used. After applying the tattoo, an insignificant edema may appear, which will subside the very next day. As a rule, the volume of the lips, eyelids increases. Eyebrows do not tend to swelling. Like the usual tattoo, permanent makeup loses its brightness over time. In the early days, the contours of the tattoo will be brighter than in the following days. It should be remembered that under the influence of direct sunlight, the shade of paint may change. Some drugs also affect this.

In order to choose the right tattoo color, you should definitely take into account the color of your skin. And this is very difficult. For this, experts have information about which type of skin which pigment to choose. The number of skin types reaches 300.

In subsequent procedures, it is necessary to enhance the saturation saturation. Correction is carried out with a frequency of a month and a half, it is needed in order for the paint to absorb evenly, and the pattern is symmetrical and uniform in saturation. In places of processing, the skin must be treated with cream. Apply makeup until complete healing of the skin is not worth. Within a week or two, you should also not attend water procedures (sauna, pool). After applying permanent makeup, you need to protect your face from direct sunlight hit.

After the procedure, a specialist will apply a special bactericidal cream on the treated skin, which will relieve inflammation and irritation.

On the first day after applying the tattoo, wash the area of ​​exposure to purified water. On the second day, you can apply hygienic lipstick or sunscreen cream. Your skin will finally heal after 3-4 weeks.

It should be understood that not every defect can be corrected using permanent makeup. He will be powerless against bags under the eyes, deep eyes, hanging cheeks. However, there are fewer such cases than those with which the tattoo will cope. The procedure for applying permanent makeup requires a professional approach. At the moment, the number of professional craftsmen is growing with the growth of the offices of cosmetic services. Poor -quality makeup will have greased lines, irregular contours, unnatural color.

Many factors are important in the tattoo procedure. For example – the technique of introduction, which is based on the depth of the pigment, the nature of the lines and uniformity of staining. The most important and main thing is the depth of the skin of the skin with a tattoo needle, this parameter depends only on the master. Of course, you should remember the rules of hygiene. Permanent makeup should be done not at a familiar house, but in a procedural office equipped with special equipment.

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