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Penetration testing services from CQR Company: advantages and features

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In today’s digital world, where cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly complex, penetration testing has become an integral part of a business’s security strategy. CQR offers consulting and penetration testing services to identify vulnerabilities and protect your information infrastructure.

What is Pentest?

PTAAS is a simulation of hacker actions in order to identify vulnerabilities and assess the level of security of information systems. CQR’s subject matter experts detect potential attack vectors used by attackers, alerting your business to potential threats. When a hacker or attacker seeks to break into a system with malicious intent, a stimulating tool like a pentester does this for the purpose of protection. Pen test services are focused on providing a complete overview of a cybersecurity system through the eyes of a potential attacker. This allows you to be prepared to prevent a real hacker attack.

Pentest against hackers

During penetration testing, CQR service specialists pay special attention to identifying threats and assessing protection. They raise issues of confidentiality, data integrity and availability of information resources, providing a comprehensive analysis of the level of vulnerability of your system.

By ordering Pentest as a Service from CQR Company, you can ensure reliable business protection in the digital era. Together with real specialists, you can create strong cybersecurity for your company!

Types of pentest

There are the following main methods of conducting a pentest:

  • white box;
  • black box;
  • gray box.

In the Black Box method, only basic data is provided, such as the name of the company or website, without providing additional information about your IT infrastructure, IP addresses, etc. This method simulates a real-life hacker attack situation, limiting the penetration tester to a time frame. The advantage is the proximity to the actual attack, but the disadvantage is the limited amount of information collected. In the White Box method, you are given all the infrastructure details, including administrative access to all servers. This is a more complete and integrated approach that allows you to identify the maximum number of vulnerabilities, since the pentester does not waste time collecting information. However, this method is less close to a real hacker attack. In the Gray Box method, only part of the original data is provided. The choice of method depends on the specific needs and goals of the business.

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