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Main types of services from LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co

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In Los Angeles, the most common needs are air conditioning, ventilation, freezing or refrigeration systems. However, heating devices also play an important role here, because temperatures can drop below a comfortable level for work or relaxation. It is worth ordering a commercial heating service from a trusted company.

Main types of services

Heating is required for any premises if the outside temperature drops below a certain level. This need especially often arises in commercial organizations, where it is necessary to provide working conditions for staff and convenience for visitors and clients.

To create a set of equipment that will take into account all factors, you should contact LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co. It serves Los Angeles and surrounding communities with the following heating services:

  1. Determining needs and creating a full cycle system.
  2. Installation and preventive maintenance of heaters powered by electrical networks.
  3. Planning, installation and maintenance work with heat fans.
  4. Installation of equipment on the roofs of buildings to provide any consumers.

It is important to take into account that the company installs, maintains and repairs refrigeration, ventilation equipment, and air conditioning systems in domestic, office and industrial buildings. This allows you to arrange heating taking into account all these factors, accurately identify needs in order to install energy-efficient systems when heat or cold leaks will not occur due to ill-conceived ventilation, or you will not have to increase the cost of air supply due to errors in the power of heaters .


The company is proven, has been operating on the market for 35 years, and during this time it has developed many approaches to installation and maintenance, depending on the type of clients and their needs. The requests of private users, small organizations or large companies are taken into account.

Heating systems are suitable for buildings of different sizes and configurations, providing the most comfortable temperature conditions depending on the weather.

In addition to installing systems, our technicians carry out preventive maintenance and condition checks in order to identify possible faults in time and avoid costly repairs. If necessary, any type of service is carried out quickly, avoiding downtime for a commercial enterprise.

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