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How to get rid of extra pounds after childbirth

by alanews

The birth of a child is, of course, a joy, but there are a number of problems that arise with this. One of the main ones is how to regain their previous forms? After all, the child takes so much time and effort, this is such a load.

If you ate everything in a row during pregnancy and rejoiced at every gaining kilogram, thinking that it grows and develops a child in your tummy, you can be very upset after childbirth, when you actually see where you have unnecessary folds accumulated. For such cases, there are a special diet for pregnant women (to a regular diet for weight loss, however, in no way related). But if the hated kilograms settled on you in layers, while nothing terrible happened.

It will get rid of them if you follow a number of simple tips.

one. Count the calories. When you clearly see how many calories are gaining from this or that food, you will not be so stimulated by it eat.

2. Eat solely on schedule – then the body will not demand that you have a bite to eat at a wrong time.

3. Make a diary that will take into account everything that you eaten. Maybe this is not so interesting, but causal relationships will be clearly visible.

four. Do not eat in the dark – after all, it is then that the sensitivity of your taste receptors intensifies and any food seems tastier – in the end you eat more.

5. Do not abuse anything – even from the most non -core foods you can get better if it is irrationally consumed.

6. To stimulate yourself for losing weight – tell your friends about your plans for e or sports – then you will be just ashamed not to fulfill them.

7. Be sure to play sports, however not much time. Otherwise you can forget about muscle mass.

eight. Looked a little? Reward yourself. Of course, not food. Buy something pleasant.

9. If you drink a glass of water before meals and chew a twig of parsley, do not eat a lot.

ten. Do not eat in front of the TV. You not only do not enjoy the food in full, but also miss the moment when you are saturated – which means you eat a lot of superfluous that you obviously will not benefit you.

eleven. No need to rush. If you lose weight sharply, then the weight can return, and smooth weight loss will only fix the result.

12. I wanted to have a bite? Wait ten minutes-then you will understand whether you really want to take yourself really hungry or just something. There is, by the way, try not in a hurry. If you at least twenty minutes, then your body will understand that you ate.

13. Do not eat much sharp. Of course, it is in many ways useful, but only the appetite from acute is filled to a large extent.

fourteen. The color, oddly enough, also affects the appetite. If you want to eat less – make a kitchen in cold colors, like gray, blue or green.

fifteen. And, of course, carefully follow your general health state. After all, if you have health problems, then what a weight loss is there.

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