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How to get rid of dandruff at home

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The figures that were made public, according to the results of one of the statistical studies, simply shocked the public. The fact is that, according to the above data, in fact, seventy percent of the total population of the entire planet at the moment suffers from such a common disease, which at one time is called “seborrhea”. As you know, this ailment is one of the forms of hair disease. As a rule, it is characterized by an overly intensive process of exfoliation of the epidermis. The people are more aware of this disease as “dandruff”.

In fact, the skin of any person is capable of regeneration, which means that everyone (notice without exception) people like dandruff can manifest itself at least once every month. And at the same time, this process can be called quite natural. Since physiologically and the stoop of medicine, it will be the usual process of updating the spent (dead) epidermis cells. But if, this kind of manifestations do not stop and haunt you continuously for a long period of time. And the standard procedure for washing the head is able to give a positive result for only one, a maximum of two days. Then there is no doubt, and it is quite confident to state that this is not about the standard process of skin renewal, but most likely about its disease.

Everyone who has such problems has arisen, strives for that so that they do not eliminate them. Moreover, in our desire, we sometimes do not even notice that we begin to take not, completely true steps. In order for the process of treating dandruff to be effective, it is necessary to decide on the cause of this ailment, and also determine which type you have dandruff. Most often it depends on the type of skin, which can be dry or, on the contrary, excessively oily.

Many argue that it will actually get rid of oily dandruff at home, or at least hard enough. In fact, not everything is as bad as initially, it seems. All that you need in such a situation is the right one and notice regular care.

It is best to care for the scalp with the help of special lotions, which must certainly be a St. John’s wort. To prepare the mixture, you will need two tablespoons of St. John’s wort and 150 grams of vodka. Mix all these components with each other and let them brew for one week (preferably in a dark place). You can also use an air conditioner for a series of Israeli Desheli cosmetics with argan oil.

As for dry dandruff, it is best to fight with it with the help of a lotion cooked from nettle. The mixture prepared in advance will need to be rubbed directly into the scalp after the next bathing.

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