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Easy ways to remove tape from windows: how you can do it

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Special tools and products are often used to clean windows, such as window cleaners, wipes or rags, a rubber squeegee, special detergents and cleaning liquids.

This procedure can be performed both at a professional level and independently at home. Often there is a need for it after installing window structures, especially when factory tape remains. Experienced professionals can useful tips refer to an effective method of getting rid of sticky marks.

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Company news offers a certain sequence of actions with which you can get rid of the factory tape safely and at the same time quite quickly:

  • initially, you will need to try to pick up the adhesive tape from the surface and carefully pull it in your direction;
  • for convenience, it is recommended to stick a new adhesive tape on top of the old one so that they adhere well to each other due to physical properties;
  • when removing, you should follow the correct technique, without removing the tape up;
  • in extreme cases, it is allowed to use a knife or other sharp object;
  • working tools must be kept parallel to the surface.

If the task is to remove the tape from the window, then it is best to use a solvent for glue. First you need to apply it and leave for five to ten minutes to drastically soften the adhesive. Then carefully remove the tape with a scraper or knife. If the tape is not completely removed, you will have to repeat the process.

After that removal, you can clean the glass in the usual way. It’s important to remember that glue thinner can be dangerous and needs to be handled with care, so follow the instructions on the package and wear gloves.

Effective Ways

Today, several working methods are offered for use at home, which have stood the test of time and the experience of other users:

  • soda solution – similar areas are often treated with such a mixture;
  • oil – a cloth soaked in oil must be applied and held for about fifteen minutes for it to work;
  • gasoline, acetone or the famous white spirit – after the surface with traces of glue is wiped, it is necessary to wipe it with water;
  • products containing alcohol – it is allowed to use vodka, as well as some kind of alcohol tincture.

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