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Details about housing in Alabama

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Most people in Alabama live in homes. Houses are most often one-story, rarely two-story. Rent a house — from $ 800 to $ 2000 per month.

For example, such a house in the city of Daphne — 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms — will cost $ 1875 per month: $800 minimum house rental price.

Real estate can be purchased with a mortgage. Rates are low, 1-3%, but mortgages are given only to citizens with a good credit history.

Most of the newly built houses are not only spacious, but also very functional. As in apartments, the living room, dining room and kitchen are one large area. They can be separated by small functional partitions, but there are no solid walls and doors here.

A drying machine in the house is mandatory. No one dries clothes on the street or in the bathroom
Separate rooms are bedrooms and bathrooms, there are usually 2-3 of them (adult, children’s and guest). There are a lot of storerooms in the house — we have four of them. Storerooms are used for storing food, household appliances, beach accessories such as umbrellas and sun loungers.

Often a separate room is allocated for a laundry room, there are washing and drying machines. Drying machines are used even in the smallest apartments. Americans don’t dry their laundry on the street. For storage, they often rent additional boxes or buy a plastic mini-house and install it in the backyard. Renting a 6×10-foot box costs $40 per month.
But the house is not only the space and the opportunity to arrange barbecue parties in the backyard. It is also the lawn — the face of the owner. It needs to be cut regularly and the fallen leaves removed. A neglected lawn can be fined from $ 50 to $ 300. The fact is that the front yard with a lawn faces the street — you should not disturb the overall harmony of the area. Therefore, the first purchase from the equipment we had was a lawn mower, and all household appliances were already in the house. By the way, there is also a fine for not cleaning the trash can on time — already $ 500. 500 $ penalty for not cleaning the trash can on time

In addition to the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, the house had a microwave (considered built-in appliances) and a refrigerator connected to the water supply. In the refrigerator door there is a water filter and three modes: water, ice cubes and ice with small sawdust. You can drink water from the tap, you can from the cooler in the door.

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