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Cost and expenses of housing and communal services in Alabama

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Spending on housing, telephone and Internet in a three-bedroom house is as follows.

Water. 50—70 $. In December, the bill was $ 55 for 5 thousand gallons of water, which is about 19 thousand liters.

Electricity. $80-90 in the hot months with the air conditioner running. 140 $ dollars in cold, with the heating turned on. In the off-season, when the system does not work for either cooling or heating, we pay $ 60-70. The house has centralized ventilation — you can set any comfortable temperature through the control panel.

It is not customary for Americans to ventilate their homes. Air conditioners are usually installed in houses
It’s not customary for Americans to open windows, but I don’t like the idea of driving the same, albeit frozen, air, so I’m a fan of ventilation. In this regard, we live like Russians — air conditioning on heating mode and open windows.

Telephone. Two unlimited tariffs (for conversations and SMS) with 2 gigabytes of Internet cost my husband and me $ 90 per month, AT&T operator. Unused traffic can be transferred to the next month. If, on the contrary, you are close to overspending, the operator will notify you about it.

We pay $59 per month for unlimited home internet

We pay $59 per month for unlimited Internet at home.

Television. There are 10 free national channels, including NBC, CNN — you only need to connect to the antenna. A TV subscription is usually sold as a package: home phone + Internet + TV, costs from $ 40 to $ 150. We use only Apple TV, a one-time movie viewing costs from $ 1 to $ 10, buying a movie is $ 10-15.

For comparison: $ 50 is the cost of dinner in a restaurant for our whole family: two adults and two children. Including tips.

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