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Walls from the beam

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The first stage of the construction of the house from the beam is the workpiece of high -quality material. He must be durable and durable. Then you need to create a project (or order from specialists). It is desirable that the timber house does not have complex geometric shapes, it is much more difficult to translate them into reality.  There is no perfectly even beam, it must be sorted, decide which side of it will need to be turned inside the room. In the base, that is, the lower rows, a non -trained beam is always placed – it is stronger. You can even make two layers.

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The thickness of the beam depends on the temperature conditions outside the window. Typically, for construction they do not take a beam of less than 15 x 15 cm, in the north – 20 x 22 cm. Cracks on the beam are allowed, but if they go through and through, such material is rejected. If there is not enough beam length to build the wall, you can make joints. For the installation of internal partitions, a beam of 100 x 100 mm is often taken in size. The requirements for it are the same as for the beam for external walls. At the corners of the beam, you can put an “overlap” or “through one”. They are attached with construction nails, as well as wooden bastards. Huggage can be made independently from cuttings for shovels, heated they are inserted into drilled holes, fastening through 2-3 timber.

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