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Types of wood windows

by alanews

The most common windows from the array are Norwegian, which are created from larch or pine trees and are processed by special compositions. Thanks to this, they are resistant to decay and break. In such designs, not ordinary glasses are mounted, but double -glazed windows, which are well fixed with rubber gasket. Thanks to a special filter that perfectly absorbs moisture, these designs never fog up and do not form condensation.

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The windows of glued beams are lamellas fastened with special glue with water -repellent properties. Such designs are simultaneously environmentally friendly, safe and practical.  They are resistant to various deformations, and also do not respond to moisture effects. The best option is a window from a three -layer beam, which is highly reliable. Such windows not only have high characteristics, but also have an attractive and aesthetic appearance.

There are two main varieties of window windows – Finnish and Euro -Owls. The latest design has a rotary-circuit mechanism and reliably protects against cold and draft. Finnish windows have two sashes that are fixed with each other with a mobile loop, they are very reliable and have a high rate of thermal insulation.

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