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The thistle will save the liver.

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It has long been known that medicinal herbs have medicinal properties. But who thinks about buying a fee at a phyto pharmacy? Our people were brought up in such a way that, with the slightest disease or penetration of infection, grabbed antibiotics and aerosols. The body is so accustomed to various chemical compositions in complex combinations that it is already inconceivable to surprise it with something.

Few people know how harmful medicines do, and how it hits all systems. On television, drugs that will save all problems are advertised now and then. They are so harmless, and what your liver will say to this?

The most suffering body due to non-controlled medication is the liver. At a young age, she still suffers losses and interventions, but a little later the illness makes themselves felt.

The thistle has an excellent antitoxic effect. With any type of poisoning, it is necessary to drink a decoction of the thistle to remove toxins from the body.

To prepare a decoction, you need to pour two tablespoons of the thistle of the thistle with boiling water (about 1 cup) and insist on average 20 minutes. Drink 200 ml immediately, another 200 ml in an hour.

Interestingly, the thistle does not harm the liver at all, on the contrary, it is widely used to treat cirrhosis and hepatitis. Scientists have long proved that thistle is effective to use both therapeutic purpose and for prevention to avoid relapses. It is recommended to cook a decoction of thistle seeds and take for two weeks – this is 14 days.

To prepare a decoction, take 30 grams of clean seeds, completely pour a liter of boiling water and boil for about 17-20 minutes. But then cool and take 10 ml every 2 hours. After 14 days, a break, if no exacerbations and allergies were not observed during taking the drug, then after half a month you can repeat the preventive healing course.

The thistle has established itself as the best drug in the treatment of gynecology and cardiology. The plant has a spasmolytic effect, helps with pain in the heart and concomitant diseases.

Often used for douching in gynecological diseases. Often, thistle seed extract is added to well -known cosmetics. The plant has a beneficial effect on wound healing, resorption of infiltrates and treatment of dermatitis, acne.

Sometimes it is desirable to include herbal teas with leaves or thistle roots in your diet. It is enough to use such an infusion 1 – 2 times in 2 weeks to goodly discharge bile and normalize all metabolic processes.

Like any drug, the plant has its own warnings and contraindications. Children on average up to 10 years and pregnant women are forbidden to use any teas and infusions with a thistle extract. When applying fees, follow the instructions of use. If any side effects appear, stop the use of a medicinal plant, and seek a doctor’s consultation.

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