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Second dishes from nutrients

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Fry potatoes and vegetables with a small amount of fat, and first heat fat (up to 120-150 ° C), and then laid purified and cut vegetables.

Vegetables that are fried for a long time are brought up to the readiness in the oven.

For deep frying (fat, heated up to 170-180 c), use wide (large diameter) dishes (for raw potatoes cut by brushes, straws or small pieces, and onions cut by rings).

Fat by weight must be 4 (four) times more than fresh vegetables. The dishes should be filled with fat only for 1 (one) third part, since during frying fat is capable of foaming. Consider, as it is greasy, it should certainly be added by maintaining the specified ratio.

Butter or margarine and butter is not advised to use for deep fat, as they contain a huge amount of protein substances and moisture, pollute fat when combustible.

Refined butter is allowed to heat more than not refined.

Margarine is not recommended for frying, a hot frying pan or a ducklman is lubricated with sunflower oil. Spoon so that fat in a pan does not spray, sprinkle the ducklman with salt.

Carrots and ham are browned faster, if you add little sugar to the oil during frying.

To pan vegetables should only be directly fried in fruit so that the panel does not have time to soak, otherwise the finished workpiece will not look properly and will not look like that taste. Products planned in crackers are not watered with juices or sauces, since crackers are soaked and the finished workpiece will have an annoying look. Such products are watered with fat.

Dill greens are fried in preheated fat. When it becomes dried and dark green, it is agilely taken out of fat. Use fried salt as a side dish for various dishes.

Closed dishes are used to extinguish different vegetables and mushrooms. Water mass or milk or decoction is not required to be overly many. When extinguished, add onions and a ham, tomato puree, aromatic roots, bay leaves, dark and fragrant pepper with peas, and others.

Usually extinguish beets, dried and sauerkraut, potatoes and consistency of various vegetables (stew).

Mushrooms, as well as some vegetables, are most often boiled before extinguishing or fried.

Potatoes, vegetables and salt are allowed to bake (entirely, in the form of mashed potatoes or pieces) in a portioned frying pan or on a baking sheet in the oven. Before this, products, as a rule, are necessarily boiled, fried, or extinguished.

For stuffing, vegetables such as: potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, turnips, pepper, etc. are suitable. For minced meat, cereals, mushrooms or vegetables are used. Flapped vegetables after laying on a ducklings are stewed or baked in the oven.

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