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Residential complex “Big” in the very center of Krasnodar

by alanews

In the center of Krasnodar, a residential complex “Bolshoi” is built, consisting of 4 buildings. Apartments from the developer in Krasnodar are already offered in this excellent complex.

The territory of the complex will be protected, yards are equipped and equipped with sports and playgrounds. In its construction, for the first time in the city, a two-story stylobat is used-a common basement, which includes premises for shops, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.D. In addition, a multi -level underground parking will be created for 1084 places, which will allow the yard from cars and save it as it was conceived by architects.

During construction, high -quality building materials, proven and modern technologies, as well as unique architectural solutions will be used. The complex will consist of 4 buildings in 14-24 floors and about 2000 apartments. Among them are one-room (39-42 kV.m), two -room (62 kV.m), three-room (84-94.17kv.m) and even penthouses (128-200 kV.m).

LCD is located in the very center of Krasnodar, which guarantees excellent transport accessibility, developed infrastructure and a beautiful view from the windows of the upper floors of buildings. The lower price threshold per square meter in the residential complex is 53 thousand rubles, and sales will be carried out directly from the developer – the Meriton SK, which will allow potential customers to do without different commissions. The deadline for delivery of the residential complex was scheduled for 4 quarter of 2015.

The authors of the project are of great importance to such advantage of the complex as its location in the very center of the city. As they write on the official website of the project – to live in the center – this means to be closer to everything and at once. It is also worth highlighting other advantages of the “Big” residential complex. A thoughtful infrastructure with a huge number of opportunities for sports rest is very important. It is worth mentioning a wide selection of apartments, from small one -room to large penthouses. The territory is protected and this is also an not unimportant sign of a high -quality residential complex.

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