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Preparation of vegetables for cooking

by alanews

Probably, each of us will agree that vegetables are an obligatory part of each dish. But not everyone knows how to cook them correctly. Today, I will tell you a little about a few secrets of preparing vegetables for consumption. There are several types of vegetable preparation. But today we will talk about the primary processing of vegetables.

This processing includes the removal of dirt and inedible parts of the vegetable, giving it the desired shape. As well as washing, sorting and dialing of vegetables. I still can’t help but say that preparations for preservation can be added to the primary processing of vegetables. But this does not apply to salads, fresh vegetables go there.

Let’s start with potatoes. Potatoes have been holding a leading position on our tables for a very long time. We love this culture for its price and practicality. In fact, there is no such dish in which it would not be possible to put potatoes. Also, potatoes can turn out to be a very good separate dish. If you are not going to keep production, then you need to clean it mechanically, that is, with a knife. When cleaning potatoes, you can cut from 12 to 25 percent of its weight. I’ll tell you one small secret to cook fried potatoes: the washed potatoes should be sprinkled with flour before cooking, then when frying you will get a good crust.

Let’s move on to tomatoes. It has long been considered a sign of prosperity and a good life. Like potatoes, tomatoes have very rich use. Of these, you can make a side dish, refueling and even Adzhika. You probably don’t need to tell you how to clean and cook them for a long time. Washed, cut, prepared.

No one needs to explain that any product needs heat treatment. They are divided into several types and let’s stop this on this. One of the most famous is cooking. Simply, this is the process of bringing the product to readiness in the liquid. There are some secrets here. You can cook the product in your own juice. Then the finished product will turn out much tastier and better. The most common mistake is to salt water when cooking. In this case, the water will quickly evaporate, and the product will very much lose in volume.

Frying. This is a fairly easy process known to all since childhood. When frying, the temperature can reach 140 – 200 degrees. One of the secrets of frying is that at a temperature above 105 degrees sugar, starch, proteins and fats begin to break up. There are three main methods of frying – in a pan, in farberry and on the grille.

It is always advisable to use fresh vegetables, only brought from a summer house, market or from a store when cooking. It is desirable to buy products in proven and known places. In Ukraine there is an ATBMARKET – a network number No. 1 with its stores for the sale of fresh products. While there, I always buy vegetables and fruits from them.

In addition, there are two more methods of cooking vegetables – extinguishing and baking. But we will talk about them later.

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