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Popular materials for decoration of facades.

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Let’s draw our attention to wood materials that are used for decoration of houses. The most popular of them are: block house, lining, siding, imitation of timber.

A lining is a special lining board made of special wood. It has a large margin of strength, simplicity and high installation rate. Due to this, the facade decoration is carried out by an accelerated pace. The lining is an excellent thermal insulation and noise -absorbing material. It should be borne in mind that a variety of building dry mixes can be used here.

In addition, it is perfectly ventilated, which allows you to breathe the walls of the house. For the production of the lining, manufacturers use both deciduous wood species and coniferous.

Imitation of a beam is a board that looks like part of a whole beam on the one hand. Its styling is carried out as in the case of a lining – a groove – a chip. The board is located horizontally, and is attached to a special crate, which is located perpendicular to the boards. After assembling the structure, the surface of any wall becomes perfectly smooth.

Bloc-House is an imitation of a looped log. It is most often made from a variety of coniferous wood of wood. The installation of a block house is carried out only on a pre-prepared surface. This material has two quality classes. Class A admits the presence of light knots, class B allows the presence of dark knots.

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