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How to organize a children’s holiday?

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Celebrating the birthday of a child is an event that requires careful and consistent preparation. It is necessary to prepare for the holiday because for children this is a very significant event, which they are waiting for a very long time. First, parents should compile an approximate script for the holiday and begin to act.

An approximate plan of the children’s holiday:

one. Invitation of guests.

2. Organization of the meeting of guests.

3. Entertainment.

four. Holiday dinner.

5. Fun (contests, games, dances).

6. Congratulations to the birthday, prizes and surprises for guests.

7. View cartoons, fairy tales.

eight. Farewell to guests.

Based on the holiday plan, and you should begin to act.

First, you need to take care of invitations for little guests. Do not forget that you are preparing a holiday for your child, so at each stage of preparation ask his opinion and wishes. Most likely, the child will take an active part in the preparation.

So, decide what original invitations you would like to present your child’s friends. You can go to a bookstore and choose with your child the invitations that he will like. Perhaps the child will want to draw him himself, and then you will propagate on the printer. For invitation, you can also use a beautiful photograph of a child, which should also be reupered.

Когда приглашения розданы необходимо позаботиться о праздничной обстановке в доме. Come up with an interesting decor, use toys, balloons, funny and bright congratulatory posters, compositions.

A very important part of the holiday is a feast. It is necessary to approach the preparation of treats for children responsibly. If these are children from 5 to 10 years, do not make too diverse and complex dishes. The most important thing is to bake (order) a delicious and beautiful pie or cake in a timely manner. In addition to the cake, children will have enough nutritious sandwiches or delicious pizza, fruits and juices.

You should carefully prepare entertainment for children. Think with your child that they will be interested in. Perhaps at first you will want to invite all young guests to visit a children’s performance before the start of the celebration. Excellent memorable impressions will make a show about fixes, Dunno or Masha and the bear organized by the agency “Seventh Rainbow” on children. If you decide to limit yourself to home gatherings, then prepare the notes of your favorite children’s cartoons and fairy tales in advance. Prepare several exciting games and simple competitions so that the children do not be shy to participate, be sure to reward everyone with pleasant prizes. You can transfer Karaoke to the children’s room and include children’s songs for guests, as a rule, many children like to sing and dance.

Be sure to photograph or shoot a children’s holiday on video, in a few years these records will be very valuable for your family and guests.

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